How to Manage Freelancers Better

According to the recent statistics freelancers make up almost 33 percent of the US labor force. And this is only expected to rise more. Chances are that you may also hire freelancers to do some work for you or may be you already have them on board.

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A direct consequence of this growing demand of freelancers is that businesses are now focusing to “get it right” by including them as a part of their growth strategy. Managers also have a need to successfully blend them with their internal employees. And they want to effectively leverage their talent.

A one stop solution for all such problems is “Project Management Software”.

A project management or task management tool is your best bet against managing freelancers and remote employees. The only other way is through the way of emails but just think of times when your inbox is filled with hundreds of emails. And you have to sort them all out to know what all is happening at work place.

This is where a project management tool is of best help. Using it, you just have one screen to take care of and that is your task screen or kanban screen and nothing else. This instantly frees you up from the lengthy job of sorting your emails.

The benefits are numerous: Tasks get updated, time gets tracked, files get sorted and a lot more like this automatically. Also, many task management tools come as mobile app these days. This provides the flexibility to manage things remotely. Some of the other benefits are:

It Treats Your Freelancers Equally
I know many firms that treat their freelancers very differently. This starts from having different color badges to sharing the office space and extends to eliminating their opinion in the staff meetings. A project management tool does away with all of that and helps to keep everyone on the same page.

It is important to make a note on being different when it comes to budgeting, but when it comes to productivity and delivery everyone should be kept on the same page. You can dispense away with the idea when the freelancers role is limited, but otherwise this sports team analogy is imperative.

It Makes Them Stick Around
Freelancers can be good for the business. And just because freelancers don’t carry with them the calling of a full time employee, it does not mean that you don’t want them to stick around with you for long.

So the next question becomes: What will make good freelancers want to stick around? The first thing that tops the list is timely payment of dues. Freelancers cannot be treated like other employees. They are a one man machine and that means they want the cash flowing without any red tapism or unreliability. Otherwise they will just move on to other clients.

If your business relies on hiring freelancers from time to time, then these are some good tips on how to get maximum from your freelancers. Think of it as a jumpstart to making some great relationships with them.


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  1. […] Word Press Project Management states that freelancers make up 33 percent of US labour force. Hiring freelancers for your company’s projects and services shall transform your way of managing projects and be a rewarding strategy for your company. Hiring talented freelancers on hourly basis shall also be cost effective.  Freelancers are a good alternative for employers. […]


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